What we’ll see at Huawei’s event on June 2nd

Huawei will present the second version of the in-house OS at this event. These HarmonyOS will drive not just smart TVs, but phones, tablets and smartwatches. The event should be described in more detail in the new OS version. The first devices to run Harmony 2.0 will be unveiled at the event.

Huawei MetPad 2 and MetPad 2 Pro Perhaps with Huawei teasing a new M-Pencil Stylus it looks like we’ll get two new tablets. The Huawei MetPad 2 Pro device will have a 12.9 “120 Hz OLED display. It is expected to have 40W fast charging and 27W wireless charging.

May have a Huawei MetPad 2 model. Which should be small, although it is not too small. The Huawei MetPad 2 device may have a 12.2 “different panel.

Interestingly, the software for the tablets has been dubbed “Pados”. Basically the tablets will have Harmony. New tablets may be available soon after release.

Huawei will also release a watch, which will be expected to be called Huawei Watch 3. Running HarmonyOS is definitely the opposite of the GT-Series that the company has been concentrating on until recently. Those who use related lights, however, are not as capable as Wares watches. In terms of affordability, it should be integrated with a Google OS.

It is unclear whether the Huawei Watch 3 will be able to measure blood pressure.

Huawei has ambitious goals to produce 300 million devices with Harmony by the end of the year. This includes 100 million previously installed devices.

Huawei has teased the P50 series, but we doubt we’ll see a full introduction, a role and a demo. If the company had started mass production of its new flagship smartphone line, it would have been leaked. And we still don’t know for sure.

This does not mean that fans will soon be able to use HarmonyOS. This will be achieved by updating the existing Android models.

The leaks claim that stock-worthy devices on store shelves have already been updated, so users will soon be able to have a hands-on experience.

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