From some leaks we can see that Apple’s next affordable phone could be some big upgrade of iPhone SE3.

The iPhone SE (2020) was Apple’s affordable mid-range phone. The iPhone SE (2020) phone had the powerful A13 bionic chip and it was a compact phone. IPhone SE (2020) The iPhone SE3, the successor to the phone, could be released very soon.

Some Apple observers are hoping that the company may release an iPhone SE3 this spring, but a release date has yet to be confirmed. However, we have heard of some improvements with the design and specs of the iPhone SE3 phone, including leaks at an early stage.

There may be limited appetite for smaller premium phones. However the iPhone SE3 will have a strong value component that is hard to avoid. What we know so far is detailed here.

IPhone SE3 Name:

The iPhone SE3 phone can come with the name SE3 or SE Plus.

We heard about the iPhone SE Plus from the leaked shots. This phone may or may not be like the iPhone SE3.

There are rumors that it could be a more affordable iPhone. It is difficult to say whether this phone is actually iPhone SE 3 or not.

Apple may release two new models of iPhone SE, one smaller version and the other larger version.

Both the handsets will be affordable mid-range phones. We’ll have to wait for the next leak to find out about Apple’s plans.

IPhone SE3 release date

IPhone SE (2020) was released in April last year. Apple may release the iPhone SE 3 in April this year to maintain this continuity. Previous leaks, however, call this idea into question. Throughout October, Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants said that Apple did not plan to release follow-up until 2022 on the iPhone SE (2020).

On the other hand, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the iPhone SE 3 will be released in 2021. Apple seems to be very happy with the sale of iPhone SE (2020). So follow-up of iPhone SE (2020) phone is not likely to come soon.

However, according to Chinese suppliers, the iPhone SE 3 will arrive on April 2021.

IPhone SE3 price We don’t know much about the price of iPhone SE3 now. But we expect Apple to still be aiming for that 399 price. In this price-to-performance ratio, the iPhone SE (2020) appeals to many people. It is affordable for most people.

An iPhone SE with a large display could come. Which may come under the name of iPhone SE3 Plus or iPhone SE Plus. We will see this handset priced at $ 499. While the iPhone 11 could be a replacement, it remains one of the best iPhones due to its 499 price.

IPhone SE 3 specs

The specifications of the iPhone SE (2020) were outstanding compared to the price of the phone. The iPhone SE (2020) phone had an A13 bionic chip. This A13 bionic chip is still a great chip. We expect that Apple will use the new A14 bionic chip in the iPhone SE3 phone. The A14 bionic chip is a 5nm processor which is a powerful processor and this processor is present in the iPhone 12 series phones.

The size and resolution of the screen is still unknown but rumors have it that the two phones may have 5.5-inch or 6.1-inch.

The current storage options of the iPhone AC (2020) are 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. The iPhone SE3 will probably come with the same options, though the Apple Base option can do 128GB.

We noticed that the iPhone 12 had no charger in the box. However, the iPhone AC 3 phone will have a charger in the box.

IPhone SE3 design

The iPhone SE (2020) used the same body as Apple’s iPhone 8 in the phone.

One of the possible renders of the iPhone SE3 is that it has a phone that looks like the iPhone 11 without a notch and the other has a Touch ID sensor on the bottom bezel. The back has a dual camera system that makes the phones look softer and more modern.

IPhone SE3 camera

The iPhone SE (2020) took handsome photos for Apple’s computational photography, but the phone only has a single lens. We would like to see an ultraviolet lens on the Apple iPhone SE3 phone.

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