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Details about Apple’s iPhone 13 are not yet known, but what we know so far is detailed here.

With the iPhone 13 just a few months away, there are a lot of rumors about what the phone will hold for us.

From what we’ve heard so far, the iPhone 13 will have a 120HZ LTPO display on both Pro models. The iPhone 13 will have a more efficient 5G modem and will significantly improve battery life as well as significantly upgrade all important cameras.

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will have a new portrait video mode along with a loader sensor.

As the design we heard the notch would shrink. There are going to be a few other rumors that at least one iPhone 13 model can come up with a truly portless design. There will be a Magsaf charger. We’ll finally see the iPhone 13 model always on display as well.

Based on all the rumors and leaked information already, what we know about the iPhone 13 is detailed here.

■The iPhone 13 will have the Samsung Galaxy S21 Challenging 120Hz adaptive refresh rate display. And Samsung will make this display.

■The iPhone could launch on September 13th. Apple will make 25% more iPhone 13 units than the iPhone.

■The display notch of the iPhone 13 will be even smaller.

■At least one iPhone 13 model can come up with a truly portless design.

IPhone 13 release date

If the iPhone 13 follows previous launches, the new iPhone could launch at the end of September 2021. The iPhone could launch on September 24th.

The iPhone 12 was launched on October 13 despite a delay due to coronavirus. The iPhone 13 will be launched in 2021 according to the previous section.

The iPhone 13 is on track for a September launch and Apple is expected to make more than 25% of the iPhone 13 units.

IPhone 13 design

IPhone 13 design

There have been various leaks and reports that the iPhone 13 will come with a small notched display.

Apple will reduce this notch by mixing seemingly isolated infrared flood illuminators, sensors and dot projectors, which will transform the iPhone 12’s Face ID unlocking system into a single module into two smaller sensors.

The phone may have small notches and a touch ID sensor on the phone’s display. The touch ID of this phone will be under-display.

There are still some doubts about Touch ID. However, nowadays everyone wears a mask, so Touch ID is very important.

The biggest change we can expect from the iPhone 13 is that a model will have a portless design. However, charging and data transfer can be done wirelessly on the phone.

However, rumors are circulating that there may not be a portless iPhone. Because the current Magsaysay ecosystem is not mature enough.

IPhone 13 display

IPhone 13 display


According to the previous section, the displays of the four new models of Apple iPhone can be 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.7 inches.

Both Pro models of Apple iPhone will have LTPO display with 120Hz refresh rate.

The iPhone 13 will have an LTPO panel and Samsung will make this display. This phone can be made with smooth scrolling as well as improved gameplay and improved video playback.

The nature of the LTPO panel means it enables adaptive refresh rates. On the iPhone 13, an LTPO display phone will have a great smooth refresh rate.

The iPhone 13 will use an always-on display. LTPO technology will certainly be simplified. A recent video showed how this could work.

LG and Samsung will provide displays for the iPhone 13 as they are the top manufacturers of OAELD panels.

The iPhone 13 will use an always-on display. LTPO technology will certainly be simplified.

IPhone 13 specs

IPhone 13 RAM ROM

It will come in the form of the A15 Bionic, the successor to the extremely powerful A14 Bionic on the iPhone 12, which will be much more efficient and advanced than the A14 Bionic.

This new SOC could be a much higher upgrade than the previous A14 Bionic. Perhaps the A15 will enhance the performance and efficiency of the Bionic. The A15 Bionic will see a major upgrade.

The A15 Bionic can be made in 5+ or 3-nanometer process.

IPhone 13 will have 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, 512GB storage. A model of iPhone 13 can have storage up to 1TB.


IPhone 13 wireless connection will be a big improvement. The iPhone 13 will use Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem.

The iPhone 13 could also be a huge success in terms of wireless connectivity.

Qualcomm’s X60 5G modem is important. 5G performance will be even better, as the modem can combine MimeWave and Sub-6 GHz 5G networks together.

The iPhone 13 can come with Wi-Fi 6E. Wi-Fi 6E will support faster wireless speeds.

Several reports indicate that the iPhone 13 may adopt a liquid crystal polymer circuit.

Like the iPhone 12, the iPhone 13 will come in 128GB, 256GB and 512GB variants. But a model of iPhone 13 can have storage up to 1TB.

IPhone 12 models Our battery life was not very good. Only the iPhone 12 Pro Max model had a larger battery. However, the battery capacity of the iPhone 13 can be increased. Apple can increase the capacity of the battery without changing the size.

There are going to be recent reports that the iPhone 13 Pro will have up to 1TB of internal storage. This will double the maximum storage capacity of current iPhones.


We still don’t know much about the whole iPhone 13, but the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max phones will have 6-element ultraviolet lenses in one leak. It will also increase the autofocus capability. The current iPhone 12 Pro model has a 5-element ultraviolet angle lens. The more material a lens has, the better the image quality as a rule.

An interesting rumor is that the Apple Periscope camera will improve the optical camera zoom of the iPhone 13. IPhone 13 Pro models may have a periscope camera.

In fact, periscope cameras are used to improve optical zoom.

The iPhone 13’s camera will be able to take better pictures at night than previous iPhones.

Ultra-wide cameras on all iPhone 13 models can have a dedicated astrophotography mode. Much like when you enable night mode in low light environments you will activate this mode when you point the wires or the phone to the moon.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max can enhance the ultrawide-angle.

The iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max will have sensor-shift OIS (optical image stabilization) and automatic focus features. This will make the camera video more powerful.


We’ve seen the iPhone 12 20W charger, and there have been no rumors yet about this year’s charging speed, but we’ve heard some bad news that the iPhone 13 probably won’t include reverse wireless charging. Devices like AirPods Pro and Apple Watch could be charged via reverse wireless charging.

IPhone 13: Everything we want to see

●The iPhone 13 model is a 5.4-inch compact phone. Which complements the iPhone 12 mini phone.

●128 GB base storage.

●More RAM than the previous iPhone. It would be better if the iPhone 13 model has 8GB RAM.

●The camera will be more advanced than the previous iPhone. Camera zoom will be more advanced.

●There will be a 120Hz LTPO display.

●The LIDAR-boosted camera will be more advanced.

We will probably learn more about the I PHONE 13 in the coming days

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