HUAWEI P50/P50 pro/P50 pro+

CPUKIRIN 9000E (P50)/ KIRIN 9000( P50 PRO )

The Huawei P50 series is coming up over the last weekend of March. This series includes three phones

According to a credible Lexter, the new lineup will arrive by the end of March. Rumor has it that one of these phones supports 200X zoom

* 200X ZOOM ( P50 PRO )
* KIRIN 9000E (P50)/ KIRIN 9000( P50 PRO )

It is also rumored that the three phones will have two separate chipsets – the vanilla Huawei P50 will bring a Kirin 9000E, and the P50 Pro and P50 Pro+ will run on the flagship platform Kirin 9000.

The P50, P50 Pro, and P50 Pro + will definitely come with a new camera setup, improved screen and gaming capabilities. The front panel will be LED.

Huawei P series phones are one of the most advanced phones in the world. The phones of this series are advanced in all respects. Huawei has brought P series of P 50, P 50 Pro, P 50 Pro +. The cameras, processors and displays of the phones will be of better quality than the previous phones of Huawei. The Huawei P50 Pro also has a 200x zooming system that no other phone has had before.So the camera of the phone will be better than the previous phones of Huawei. All in all, we expect the phones to be of better quality than Huawei’s previous phones.

All the details of the phone are given above.

We will probably learn more about the HUAWEI P50/P50 Pro/P50 pro+ in the coming days.ASUS ROG 5

ASUS ROG 5 is arriving on March

ASUS ROG 5 powerd by the SOC of snapdragon 888 . ASUS announced it will unveil ROG 5 on march 18,2021 .

It will come with Android 11 and it based ROG UI . ASUS ROG 5 have 256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 16GB RAM .

ASUS ROG 5 have 6.78 inches AMOLED display , 1B colour , 144Hz , HDR10+ . It also have Corning Gorilla Glass back.

There are 2 phone on ROG series .

There are a RGB light panel (on the back) , on the another model have small screen on the back and a Pressure sensitive zones (Gaming triggers)

There are also DTS:X stereo speakers (2 dedicated amplifiers).

It support 65W Fast charging ,Power Delivery 3.0 , Quick Charge 4.0+ and Reverse charging 10W.

Rumor has it that the video camera will be 8K @ 30fps, 4K @ 30/60 / 120fps, 1080p @ 30/60 / 240fps, 720p @ 480fps.

ASUS phones are of better quality. ASUS is one of the leading gaming phones in the world. It’s gaming processor is the most advanced. ASUS is going to launch ASUS ROG 5 with such a high quality gaming processor. It is expected that this phone will have a high quality cooling system and high quality camera which will be more advanced than the previous phones of ASUS. It also uses high quality displays and processors.After all, we expect this phone to be much better than other ASUS phones.

All the details of this phone are given above.

We will probably learn more about the ASUS ROG 5 in the coming days

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